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We were cruising along at a quick 4 mph pace and then I was flat on my backpack arms splayed out. The angled palm tree cut perfectly across the path and caught me just above the hair line. John said it was damn funny to watch after he realized I was still breathing; albeit seeing stars. This tramp is one of our best as we moved down the coast and headed to a hut on the beach. After 3 very fast hours through the forest, along deserted beaches, and across panoramic bluffs we arrived in paradise (less one mean palm tree).

We have been testing “flat whites” (espresso with steamed milk, no foam) and eggs benedicts across the island. Todays were pretty good, and later we had bacon and cheese egg pies. I wonder if Dr. Jain is going to believe the Statins are not working for the high cholesterol?

Just took a swim in the lagoon – wow, 6pm beautiful late afternoon sun and gin clear water. In the Sierra, as a boy, we simply drank water along the way without chemicals or filters – it is the same here and we simply walk along and drink when thirsty. With a population of less than 1 million on the South Island in an area 2/3 the size of California there is little negative impact in the back country.

Sand flies are like mosquitoes, basically evil. While I know they are sentient beings I have resorted to killing as many of the bastards as possible- two just now actually. The bites are only marginally annoying but after 2 days the small welts itch like hell. There are LOTs of them here in NZ, but I am doing my part to eradicate as I enjoy the beautiful beach.


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