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About 30 years ago, I remember hiking with my dad somewhere on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) in southern California and learning that if I kept walking north I would ultimately end up in Canada. And conversely if I went south, I would find myself in Mexico. Sometime shortly after this I learned that a few hardy souls had actually embarked-on and completed a contiguous hike from Mexico to Canada. I continue to be in complete awe.

I never forgot those early images of the trail, nor the longing to attempt the epic adventure of hiking the entire PCT; of spending a summer in the mountains and landscapes that I truly love. And while I always put this idea in the realm of fantasy, I now find myself writing my first entry into http://www.trailjournals.com as I plan for my 2006 PCT thru-hike attempt. If you follow this journal you will quickly learn I am not the best speller or grammarian. However, I should point out that in the context of a through hike, the trail community spells it “thru”.

I am planning a NOBO which is a hiking acronym for North Bound. My schedule has me leaving Campo, California on April 25, 2006. The small town of Campo is the southern terminus of the PCT and is adjacent to the Mexico border. Hopefully, I will find myself in Canada about 5 months later thus completing my hike in Manning Park, British Columbia (Northern terminus). The plan is to finish in late September with a specific target date of the 26th.

I have taken on the trail name of go-BIG and you can see the history of that under the trail name section of my journal. I have never written a journal before and the process seems rather daunting but I am committed to giving it a sincere effort.

Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.


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