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I have developed an Excel spreadsheet based on Craig’s PCT Planner that outlines where I plan to resupply along the route. Unfortunately, I have not figured out a way to import it into Trailjournals. If someone knows how, maybe they could drop me a note with instructions.

Anyway, on the PCT, hikers seem to adopt one of the two dominant resupply strategies. The choices are basically as follows: 1. Figure it all out ahead of time, plan your meals, and have boxes shipped to you along the trail. 2. Buy what you need along the way as you frequent towns near the trail. Both approaches seem to have advantages. Option one gives you the opportunity to plan quality meals in advance but you run the risk of sending too much or too little food, and you may get tired of meals that seemed perfectly appetizing during the planning phase. Option 1 also costs more in postage as you are sending all of those packages. Option 2 is nice because you can be more spontaneous and are not as driven by the post office schedule as to when you need to pick up your box. However, many of the towns that the PCT goes near are quite small. Thus your opportunities for large grocers with abundant choices are largely wishful thinking.

I have decided to adopt a modified approach. I plan to purchase most of my food along the way but in areas where I know my choices will be limited I will mail a package from my last larger town stop. For me, I think this will work out very well. Fortunately, I am not a picky eater even though my Dr. would like me to be very picky regarding keeping the saturated fats to a minimum. I am figuring with this kind of exercise a few extra grams of fat will not kill me. I also find that I can get pretty bored with the same meals repeated over time. On the John Muir Trail (JMT) in September of 2005, I found that after just a couple of weeks, I was bored with some of the meals I had brought and I had only eaten them twice.

I also have the very good fortune to live in California, I am involved with the PCTA, and I have a lot of family and friends who live near the trail. Thus, in some of the more limited resupply areas, I have people who are coming to meet me with food, drink, and friendship. If need be, they will take me to town. For example, in Burney California, my sister Sheri and her partner Kathy will be taking vacation and going to Burney Falls State Park. When I get there, they have promised to feed me very well and will give me a ride into Burney to resupply. I won’t need much however, because when I get to Mt. Shasta City, my good friends Nick and Christy and Michael and Joe will likely host me in their homes for a day or two.

This strategy is going to be really nice between Aqua Dulce and Kennedy Meadows. My Dad is planning to basically follow me across the desert in his RV, truck, or motorcycle depending on his mood.


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