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Back in KTM.

NOTE: I am publishing post on the date of event to make searching easier in the future.  Thus you may have to scroll down past this post to see what has been happening the last few weeks.  This situation will self correct as I get caught up.

The photos are downloaded,  and I am starting to write.  But I only have a bit of time as I am going to Chitwan National Park for a few days (doctors orders) to ride the Elephants and hopefully see the endangered white Rhino’s, and while not likely – but possibly,  the Asian Bengal Tiger…… some days I love being me. But then again it may be all the drugs they put me on to hopefully curb the growing infection in my chest, or it could be the abundant amount of oxygen at this altitude. Regardless, I am on restricted duty so here are a few photos.

horse head

Horse on the Steppes of Nepal


Ama Dablam (mother and her necklace)

After I sat down on the cold earth these two came over and ultimately let me scratch their matted hair.  Now, as my crazy about horses friend Dana knows, I am scared of equines so this was a bigger deal than reaching the base camp of Mt. Everest.


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