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Ok, a few more

Kathmandu, Nepal heading to Lukla in an hour

goats and bicycle

Goat parts and bicyle

man box2

Most freight in Nepal is moved by human powere

apple bike

Bicycles are not for recreation


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A few photos before I go

Kathmandu, Nepal

I am generally well, the power is on, the internet is working, and I had some time to post some photos.  Now if you have not figured this out yet, I post photos and write about stuff by request; thus since Shannon said she wanted more of Statues, Buddhas, Stupas, so she could paint or draw them I will kindly try and oblige. There is obviously no structure or method to my journal, so seriously if you are interested in something, have a question or want to see more of something…..just post a comment and I will do my best.  I can also send a high resolution full size jpeg to your individual email if requested.


Offering of rice and flowers to gods


Da Dog

They say to be very careful of the dogs as they are vicious.  What?  the guards here at our hotel use me to catch our hotel dog each night as he likes me to rub his head.

cow in ktm

They just kind of wonder the street eating garbage

kids of lakes

Kids of Langtang region

more kids

So little and such big smiles

langtang hiker


sitting buddha

Never tire of the Buddha, good thing…they are everywhere

yak in mist

Yak or Nak in the mist

boys and corn

Corn dries all across Nepal this time of year





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