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Chitwan National Park

I went to Chitwan as a complete after thought; it was cheap ($130 USD for 3 nights, four days, all inclusive “adventure” package),  and sounded like a good place for some R&R.  I figured the higher humidity would be good for my cough as well.  Wow, was I surprised.  LOVED IT.  I saw one horned Rhinoceros from the back of an Elephant and from a dug out canoe. We saw crocodiles along the river bank and villagers thrashing rice by hand.  Ox drawn carts were common transportation, and washing the elephants in the river and having them dump you off and spray you with water was a blast.  A Bengal tiger killed a water buffalo while we were there and the villagers stole the meat (bad Karma in my view)  Anyway lots more to say, but no time so the photos will tell the story.

gilirl with goatcanoe guyellephant s[pray

girls playing

rhino 2Elephant spraybaby elephant with grass loadelephant grass crossing rive 2


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