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VIVA Annapurna

Oh, maybe “Viva” is not Nepali.  Anyway, signing off again for a while as I am heading for the Annapurna masiff in the morning.  I will be trekking the classic Annapurna Circuit, with some modifications.  They have build a road over part of the trail, so I may take a jeep in those areas and then take some side trips up the more remote valleys.  I should be in Pokora around December 1st and am having my netbook sent over to me (we will see if that is a good idea…..will it show up) around then; so I will be back on-line sometime that week.  I understand Pokora is a great place to hang out and decompress after 3 more weeks in the Himalayas.  Looking forward to it all ready.

Oh Shit, that means I am going to be on the trail for Thanksgiving….I may have to commandeer a chicken in the lowlands and have it travel with me until dinner time.

small worhip shrineHindu god and goddess

The cough is still lingering, but I think it is good enough to go back into the mountains.  The pass is something over 5000m, but I am feeling good so off we go.

bike and fruit

Fruit vendor


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Bhaktapur, Nepal

Hired a car and went to Bhaktapur first thing this morning.  I am finding this is the best times to see the sacred sites as this is when the locals come to prayer, and is before of the souvenir vendors look for westerners.  Bhaktapur is an amazing ancient city with a high history between the 14 – 18th centuries.  It is rice harvest season around Nepal and thus most of the public squares are being used for the cleaning and drying of rice.  Dust is removed from the rice when one person throws the grain into the air and other “fan” the rice with large disk.  This is done over and over again until the rice is dust free.  Then barefoot women turn the rice throughout the warm fall days until fully dry.

temple and bell

Temple of Bhaktapar

temple protectors

Protectors of the temple

rice in square

Rice being cleaned and dried in the square

rice in square 2

Rice in front of Hindu shrine


Protectors of the temple

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