Archive for July 8th, 2006

Destination: Highway 50
Starting Location: Headwaters of Truckee River
Today’s Miles: 13.00
Trip Miles: 1094.10
Headwaters of Truckee River (1080, 8560) to Highway 50 (1093, 7220) ascent (1407) descent (2474) 13 miles NERO

Had a casual hike to the highway & there was Lucky Liz – wonderful to see her. Helped the team with logistics & headed up to Steve & Peggy’s summer cabin that overlooks Tahoe. The hospitality here is incredible with 9 hikers getting hot showers & a real bed. After cleaning up you know where we had to go – the all you can eat buffet at Harrah’s at Tahoe. They lost money on our group as we ate for 2 hours.


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