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Destination: Power Lines
Starting Location: Hwy 299
Today’s Miles: 24.10
Trip Miles: 1441.10
Highway 299 (1415.9, 3110) to beyond Crackling Power Lines (1440, 5243) ascent (4806) descent (2710)

Sheri & Cathy got up at 5:45 a.m. to drive us back to 299 and then they had breakfast waiting for us at 9:00 when we got back. I did not know my sister could get up before 8:00 let alone that she would do it for me & my friends. That was so nice & I feel like this hike has brought the two of us closer together. I don’t know why or how but it feels that way. Maybe it is simple that I am appreciating what was always there – a wonderful loving sister.
My friend and brother-in-law lost his son unexpectedly a few days ago. I was reminded as I walked today about a rare emotional glimpse into my grandfather. After my aunt died prematurely he said to me that “a parent should never out live their children because the grief is so overwhelming”. I am sorry for your loss Bob & wish I could have been at the service. I am thinking about you.
The arm looks fair, the hives are better, I farted without concern today – things just may be looking up.


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