Archive for July 24th, 2006

Destination: Old Station
Starting Location: Old Station
Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 1378.80

An unexpected zero day. I woke up in a sweat, had terrible diarrhea and threw up a few times for good measure. Not sure if it was related to my flesh eating infection but I am pretty sick. Sheri and Cathy gave up their bed in the motor home, turned on the air conditioning, and sequestered me. I emerged many hours later and was told I looked as if I had been hit by a truck – I felt worse. I was able to eat a few scrambled eggs and was so happy Pang, Swiss Miss, and Sugar Daddy had decided to wait for me.
Rolling Thunder, Tadpole, and Sunny also stayed as Tadpole deals with a lymphoid problem. The hot hot Northern California is taking a toll.
Thunder sent a photograph to Carrie an emergency room doctor and friend of Thunder’s. We got back an instant response with an concurring diagnosis but a more thorough monitoring program along with other management recommendations. The trail community is the best.
Hope to hike by tomorrow afternoon and believe it is doable if we go slow in the cooler evening hours. That is quite a contract from this morning when all I wanted was to be home in my own bed.
Except for Mike Unger, who is staying in town, the stinking dozen are all here along with many others. It was good to see everyone and when I emerged again I got a nice round of applause.
Sheri and Cathy have been incredible taking care of me and feeding other hikers. Along with our host we have quite a community here.


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