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Destination: Interstate 5
Starting Location: South Girard Ridge Road
Today’s Miles: 11.50
Trip Miles: 1507.60
Girard Ridge (1495, 4500) to Interstate 5 (1506.5, 2130) ascent (180) descent (3225)

Cruised down Girard Ridge into a smoky realm that filled the air to the point of nearly obscuring 14,000’ + Mt Shasta. As I was daydreaming down a perfect grade, on a perfectly maintained trail, in a lovely forest, I nearly bumped into Lucky Liz as she was heading up to meet us. What a wonderful sight.
We could not check into the chalet (nice 2 bedroom place with kitchen) that Liz had reserved until 4 pm, so we decided to take a bath in the upper Sacramento River while Liz took Sunny, Tadpole the hippo and Rolling Thunder to Mt Shasta City. We figured we were going to go out for lunch & do our town chores so we should try and look like respectable hiker trash. Swiss Miss however took the way too far. While sitting on a rock in the river, without soap or cream of course, she proceeded to shave her legs while wearing her bra and underwear. Now Swiss Miss is cute, and the fishermen upstream seemed to lose interest in fish. We on the other hand dealt with more important issues like rinsing our socks so they were suitable for a washing machine.
Chores complete we headed to the chalet. It was so much nicer than doing a resupply out of a motel room, and the relaxed feel of the place was wonderful. Had a great private dinner with my wife – what a treat.
Professionally I was taught that when someone gives you feedback the appropriate & wise response is to say thank you & then shut-up. I typically get defensive first however. I try not to tell people what they would or would not like but I did that in an earlier journal entry when I wrote Liz would not have liked the Sierras in those conditions. After thinking about it a lot, I completely agree that while I may have an opinion & while it may even be right, that is not my call. I also finally see what I was actually trying to say was that I am getting more okay with decisions others make regardless of my opinion. I often get upset if Liz does not want to do something. But I see that changing somewhat – if she wants to, fantastic and if she doesn’t that is becoming more okay.
Now I understand that the very wise sage Mr. Gottago commented that when I start speaking for other people they should simply say JYOJ (Journal your own Journal). First I find that damn funny Ray and second that is good advice my friend – thank you.


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