Archive for July 11th, 2006

Destination: Miller Creek
Starting Location: Aloha Lake Today’s Miles: 21.30
Trip Miles: 1123.40
Aloha Lake (1101.0, 8133) to Miller Creek (1122.3, 7126) ascent (3317) descent (4341)

Some days are just tough. This was one of them. Physically everything is fine but at lunch I fell asleep while leaning on a log. I am simply tired.
My hard boiled eggs (one of my favorite thru-hiker foods) apparently did not like being hard boiled & would have preferred to be scrambled or fried. They were nearly impossible to peel & after one I was really frustrated so in order to practice patience I peeled the other 4 & tried to answer the question as to why some eggs do not like to be hard boiled. I ate them as I slowly peeled them & my frustration was offset by how good they tasted. Now that I ate them all in one sitting I do not have to worry about this frustration for now. Regarding the answer: it has something to do with the eggs.


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