Archive for July 20th, 2006

Destination: Carter Meadow Trail Junction
Starting Location: Near William Cabin Flat
Today’s Miles: 26.60
Trip Miles: 1322.70
Near William Cabin Flat (1295, 3700) to Carter Meadow Trail Junction (1321.6, 6600) ascent (6017) descent (3110).

Mom started chemo today. Hard to believe that six weeks ago cancer was not a disease my family anticipated being in our immediate future. Butt here we are – chemo sucks but is the only option available. I am sure Mom is feeling pretty darn sick as the treatment works to stabilize and hopefully shrink the area affected.
Today was hard for me, I could not get moving well and so I kept telling myself all you have to do is keep walking. I reached the campsight at 7:45 and then walked another .5 miles to get the only available water in he area. I am beat and worried about Mom.


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