Archive for July 23rd, 2006

Destination: Old Station
Starting Location: Past Badger Flat
Today’s Miles: 10.20
Trip Miles: 1378.80
Past Badger Flat (1367.5, 6293) to Old Station (1377.7, 4580) ascent (650) descent (1500)

When I arrived at the emergency room and they said “you must be Robert, the doctor is expecting you”, I knew I was in the size town I prefer – small. Georgie and Dennis, our host and trail angels had first arranged for a nurse to stop by and then they had called the local hospital (40 miles away). The early diagnosis was a brown recluse spider bite but the ER doctor pegged it was a staff infection. I am pretty casual about these things typically but I guess this can be pretty serious and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic cocktail to hopefully kill it. Fortunately Sheri and Cathy came up and were able to shuttle me around the county.


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