Archive for July 31st, 2006

Destination: Ridge
Starting Location: Interstate 5
Today’s Miles: 17.50
Trip Miles: 1525.10
Interstate 5 (1506.5, 2130) to Ridge (1524, 6150) ascent (4964) descent (938)

I think it may be an interesting few days. This evening I decided to break away from the group for a few days. It was really hard & I tried to ensure everyone it had nothing to do with them. I love these people & I hope/plan to hike all the way to Canada with them but I have not spent a single night alone on this trail & it is time. I plan to hike to Etna solo. This is the perfect place for a solo as it is logistically straight forward & a rendezvous will be easy.
The truth is, I am afraid to hike alone. Not in a physical sense, but I am uncomfortable being by myself for long periods as I think I get lonely but I don’t know. At the same time I am pretty introverted even though I learned to be extroverted due to professional requirements. For you psych majors I am a Myers Briggs (personality profile) INTJ. I know it is a pretty weird set of attributes in one go-BIG. So I am camped alone; I picked a terrible spot as I hiked until dark, on a ridge and it is very quiet while the wind blows.


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