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Destination: Feather Rier
Starting Location: Below McRae RidgeToday’s Miles: 26.30
Trip Miles: 1252.60
Below McRae Ridge (225.2,5942) to Feather River (1251.5,3180) ascent (3005) descent (6138)

I soaked in the river for 30 minutes. The water was tolerable cold, the beach we are camped on lovely, and the friends great. Giddy-up, Elevator, Swiss Miss, Pang, Sugar Daddy, and a section hiker named Mr. Zip (he is a postal worker – I hope he is stable) are here. The setting is amazing but getting here was tough. This was our first hiking day completely off snow in a month and what a contrast. Between breakfast and lunch we had a blazing hot ridge walk complete with 2 inches of dust covering the entire trail. My face was dripping mud from the sweat/dust combination and I was really not enjoying myself. And as there is no water on the trail we had to make two off-trail trips to secure a resource that we had begun to take for granted again. No one wanted to get up after lunch and only group pressure got us moving. The afternoon was manageable and hiking with old friends made the day.
Not even half way. It is painful to think that I have to take more steps than I have already taken. Part of me cannot possibly believe that but the data book is pretty clear on the subject. I can’t say that I am real happy about that today. But experience has shown that this feeling will pass.
Mr. Zip was the hiking partner of a gentleman that died on the PCT early in the season as a result of a failing heart. To hear the story from his friend was emotional and obviously difficult to talk about.
After my late night rant last night, I better get some sleep


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