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Holly shit

Destination: Cascade Locks
Starting Location: N/Huckleberry trail
Today’s Miles: 26.20
Trip Miles: 2092.50

Huckleberry Mt. Trail (2,128.8, 4068) to Cascade Locks (2,155.0, 240) Ascent (2,572) Descent (6,329)
The Eagle Creek Trail alternate route was another trip highlight. We heard it was nice, but our expectations were neutral. Over the course of our journey, we have learned that most things are completely subjective and are based on expectations. Therefore, we try to stay neutral and see how things develop rather than be biased on preconceived notions formulated by others’ experience. When we rounded the corner, Rolling Thunder and I both had a “holly shit” comment and Andy, who was right behind, knew we must be there. The waterfall fell off a perfectly vertical face and was surrounded by ferns that were constantly misted by the spray. The trail was cut out of the vertical wall and actually was tunneled behind the falls. I have seen some beautiful waterfalls before, yet this one, combined with a hike of the PCT is the hands down winner.
Above Indian Springs, I threw my hands into the air and yelled “bring it on!” as I braced against a 60 knot wind with gusts likely over 70 knots. It was wild, Rolling Thunder and I screamed to each other about how awesome the weather was. Our vision was completely blurred as our eyes watered while walking directly into the gale. It’s good to be alive.


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