Archive for September 15th, 2006

Destination: Deep Lake
Starting Location: Lemah Creek
Today’s Miles: 22.30
Trip Miles: 2382.10
Lemah Creek (2423.5, 3200) to Deep Lake (2445.8, 4420) ascent (4636) descent (3406)

It was not raining when we took down our tents. It was not raining when we put up our tents. It rained at all other times. And unbelievable after 2400 miles with no rain my tent develops a 2” x 2” hole in the floor on the first day of steady rain. Fortunately, I had a repair kit & thus I patched it.
Moss is amazing stuff. I have been seeing it for weeks now & it looked plenty green & moist. But no. Yesterday & today it got wet & it went wild. Now it is bright green and so saturated with water you can ring it out like a sponge. And it put up thousands of shoots that grow before your eyes


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