Archive for September 18th, 2006

Destination: Pass Creek
Starting Location: Stevens Pass (Skykomish)
Today’s Miles: 23.90
Trip Miles: 2437.50
Skykomish (2476.3, 4060) to Pass Creek (2500.2, 4200) ascent (5358) descent (5217)

Had a leisurely morning and drove 8 miles west for breakfast. In the fast pace world people would have likely walked out of this cafe where the cook, server & cashier were all the same person. Not us – we loved it & given that it was pouring down rain a two hour breakfast was great.
Got to talk a bit with Yogi, who wrote a hiker’s handbook for the PCT, and really enjoyed getting to know her a bit. We had met before but given her notoriety it is difficult to have a regular conversation. I see this happens a lot with Lucky Liz as well. You can never just hang out & be yourself if you are a handbook author or the director of the PCTA.
We hiked and it rained.


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