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Destination: Vancouver, WA
Starting Location: Cascade Locks Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 2092.50
Cascade Locks / Vancouver, WA – Zero

Our buddy Weed, who hiked a large section with us in Southern California, picked us up at the Salmon Pub last night and took us to his house. It was great to see Weed again and over food we caught up on our adventures & mutual friends.
The leg is better but I am very timid to put full weight on it. We are taking today off to let it continue to heal. I am also trying to minimize the anti inflammation medication I am taking due to potential negative side effects. “A bleeding GI tract is worse than a sore shin.”
For over a thousand miles we have left snake lines in the trail to let each other (friends) know which way we went at an intersection. These lines help with navigation but more importantly when I was alone and hurting they reminded me of who made the way point & I always smiled and kept going with new inspiration. Some times the snakes had faded but with examination, I always found the faint hint of these friendly lines in the trail.
We took a food drop up to Stablers Store via more support from Weed. This allows us to break up a 7 day section into a 2 and a 5 day trek while taking weight off my leg.
I looked at my origin al schedule & was surprised to see I was in Cascade Locks on my original proposed date. If that holds I could still make Canada before October 1st and hopefully the snow.


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