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Destination: Lemah Creek
Starting Location: Snoqualmie Pass Today’s Miles: 21.70
Trip Miles: 2359.80
Snoqualmie Pass (2401.8, 3000) to Lemah Creek (2423.5, 3200) ascent (5384) descent (5144)

Well I finally needed my rain, or rather snow, jacket. We certainly did not expect to be walking in a snow storm as inches of snow accumulated on the trail. Fortunately there was very little wind because it was darn cold enough without it.
Joe & I had a great time getting caught up & strategizing about conservation issues associated with the trail. We also discussed our choices regarding priorities & Joe quoted his favorite historic person, Abraham Lincoln: “In the end it is not the years in your life but the life in your years that really matters”. I love that. Joe & I also talked about things guys don’t talk about & he shared how cool it was to read my journal & hear me talk about the emotions brought forth as a result of hiking. He shared that while thru hiking both the Appalachian Trail & the Pacific Crest Trail he experienced overwhelming emotion & always felt a bit weird about it. We laughed as I told him I have on occasion been a blithering emotional basket case out here. And we agreed that we have both been blessed to have the opportunity to hike this trail . . . the life in your years.
Joe really showed his experience as he showed up with shoes that had racing slicks for soles. I guess he was trying to save weight by not having tread. The program did not work very well on the fresh snow.
We are now officially in the North Cascades so I guess it is appropriate that it snowed on us most of the day. I think we are in for some tough days as the relief looks like we are going to be on a roller coaster. Today was the first ride with a mile climb followed by a mile descent.
Liz asked me to do a few presentations when I get home and as a way of giving back I readily agreed. So I am speaking at REI Roseville on October 24, REI Sacramento on October 25 and a PCTA Open House on October 27. The focus will be on my hike of the PCT while promoting the organization that makes it possible – the Pacific Crest Trail Association


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