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Destination: White Pass
Starting Location: Trail 96
Today’s Miles: 20.20
Trip Miles: 2239.10
Trail 96 (2282.6, 5930) to White Pass (2302.8, 4405) ascent (3100) descent (4700)

It is how you deal with the adversity that determines your thru-hike success / enjoyment. At least that is my experience. “That has got to be a joke” we all chimed as Thunder read a message regarding 44 miles of the trail just south of Canada being closed. No joke according to Liz. This has got to be some kind of test regarding how we each deal with these unexpected turn of events. For me, tonight I am just laughing – seriously. Can you imagine – walk from Mexico to Canada and get stopped within 1 ½ days of the destination. It has to be a test. Okay, so be it – the journey will end where it is supposed to end & I will deal with it. Probably be pissed about it at some point as well but not tonight. Tonight I am laughing – we just hiked 147 miles in six days – now I am clean & fed. I love thru-hiking


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