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Destination: Snoqualmie Pass
Starting Location: Snoqualmie Pass
Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 2338.1
Snoqualmie Pass – Zero

A long soak in the Jacuzzi (minus the naked Belgian) was great for the aching feet. They even came relatively clean.
Called my buddy Joe Sobinovsky (former PCTA Trail Coordinator, & now State of Washington Trail Manager) & he pointed out, again, that I am hiking the 2006 official PCT. And that his experience has been that part of the trail is closed practically, if not every, year. Hearing this from him & reflecting more on the inappropriateness of crossing closed sections, makes my hike continue to become complete in my head again.
Joe is coming up tonight & heading to Stevens Pass with us. I am super excited. The last time Joe & I hiked together was before his twin girls were born. Sonora to Carson Pass – slow pace, good conversation & sleeping out a rain storm for 20 hours. I bet 75 miles in 3 days is going to kick his bureaucratic ass – oh well, he can go back to his desk to recover next week.
Thunder & Dr Jones went to Seattle & Andy & I are bumming big time.
Joe, Chris & the three girls got up around 7:00 pm & we had a great evening – oh my those twins are too cute and what a handful. They baked us cookies, banana bread & zucchini bread. Apparently there was flour everywhere. Our goodies came in containers & were presented beautifully. I am sure I saw Chris squirm as we dumped them all into a large paper bag. Joe told her not to worry and that we were only one small step above bears.
The monkeys came by for cookies and we all sat around talking about the reroute and other trail news.


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