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Destination: Crest Campground
Starting Location: Near Road 41
Today’s Miles: 25.30
Trip Miles: 2142.80
Near Road 41 (2180.9, 2982) to Crest Campground (2206.6, 3470) ascent (4508) descent (3963)

84 degrees, 70% humidity, 8 miles, 3100 feet of climbing, 5 days of food, 2 liters of water, drenched in sweat, hammer down 100% for 3 hours at aerobic threshold – yea baby I am back.
Lost Rolling Thunder today. He had some more personal business to attend to and even though we stopped at 6:40 he never made it in. I am not worried about him physically as he is one of the most competent outdoorsman on the PCT, but I am concerned about how he is doing. Life is often complicated, and Thunder is definitely experiencing that.
Some hikers walked the road to Stablers to avoid the big climb and save 13 miles. This required a 20 mile road walk on the shoulder of a busy secondary road. HYOH, but the point of that escapes me.
Lucky Liz & I had a difference of opinion the other day on the phone. I wanted to go back & finish Oregon & she wanted me to make it to a family reunion. We hung up without resolution. Afterwards I told Andy & Thunder that I loved being married to Liz because I knew it would all work out. Later when I called back I told Liz that I knew the reunion was important & I would make it, but before I could finish she said she knew that finishing was important and I should get to the reunion when I get there. When each person compromises because they choose to out of respect for the other’s wishes, you have a recipe for success. Not sure what we will ultimately decide but it will work out for the best and hopefully all competing objectives can be met.


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