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Destination: Manning Park Resort
Starting Location: Manning Park Resort Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 2600.80

Manning Park Resort
New relationships are found on the trail & existing relationships are strengthened. Sheri & Cathy arrived first & their congratulatory comments were wonderful. However, I had a feeling of being embarrassed by the attention and when Sheri said she was proud of me I thought to myself “why”. It seems there are so many things that are worthy of our adulation and to receive it for taking a hike, while wonderful, seems overstated given the range of potential accomplishments.
Liz wanted to hike to the monument and while I love her terribly and planned to go with her, I could not bring myself to walk another 16 miles. Instead I gave her a kiss, a ride to the trailhead, a map, a bottle of aqua mira and a “have fun” send off. I planned to hike in a mile or so to meet her when I figured she would be back, but I thought better of that as well and played another hand of cards with Sheri & Cathy.
My heart filled with instant joy when Pang & Swiss Miss arrived for our first, of which I hope there are many, reunions. We laughed, told stories & simply enjoyed being together again. The bonds we formed in the mountains of California with all that snow and big river crossings may fade with time but they will never leave my memory or my heart. Friends are one of life’s most important gifts and I was blessed this summer with an opportunity to strengthen old friendships, & establish new ones. Swiss Miss said she will always live in Switzerland and therefore she will see us whenever we get there or she gets back to the states. When we finally said goodbye I knew it really meant “until I see you again my friend”


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