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Destination: Seiad Valley
Starting Location: Paradise Lake
Today’s Miles: 26.40
Trip Miles: 1663.20
Paradise Lake (1635.7, 6130) to Seiad Valley (1662.1, 1371) ascent (1988) descent (6424)

The completion of the last one thousand miles of a two thousand six hundred mile journey begins with the first step. After waiting out a thunder storm and waiting for thunder to complete the 999.9 miles to go sign, we took that step.
We were dreading the 6 mile road walk into Seiad Valley but then we discovered the road edge was overgrown with Himalayan berries. They look like a very robust blackberry and most people confuse the species. Regardless, the fruit was perfectly ripe & we walked, picked, ate, walked for several miles.
With a few miles to go a car approached very slowly & held out Coca Colas but kept going. I figured it was local jockettes so I just waved as if uninterested. The car then stopped and I heard Tadpole the hippo say: “they are looking for you go-BIG. PCTA board members Laraine & Melouise had tracked me down on their way to hike more miles on the PCT. They have both already hiked the entire trail in a couple of huge segments. We hared huge hugs, drank a cola, & shared tales of the trail.
The highway section of the road walk was terrible & dangerous. We constantly found ourselves standing on a very narrow shoulder in the star thistle as cars sped by. We were offered rides but had to decline as we are walking the entire way to Canada.
Mom & dad made it. They brought drinks for all & then the three of us went to Happy Camp for a great pizza dinner and a nice room on the Klamath River. Mom got a really cute short haircut in anticipation of her hair falling out. She said she also got a wig but I am advocating she go for the balk look. She has a perfectly round head & her ears are the right size for her head. Thus a perfect bald candidate. She is doing great but is extremely tired. We discussed her coming to Manning Park & we realized it is a long shot given her chemo schedule & my weather window. We will see. If she can not make it, we will celebrate at home



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