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Destination: McKenzie Highway
Starting Location: Glacier Way Trail Today’s Miles: 10.50
Trip Miles: 1990.60
Glacier Way Trail (1979, 6370) to McKenzie Highway (1989.5, 5280) ascent (1729) descent (2806)

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I am a lucky man who is blessed with friends. First, I looked up & saw dad waving from the volcanic rock of McKenzie Pass. A 10 hour road trip from Sacramento designed to take me home or take me around the fires. Man it was good to see you pop. Second, I walked into the Sister’s library and there sat my buddy Rolling Thunder. He had delayed his trip back onto the trail after a trip to see a friend. He had waited for me & said he was willing to go slow for a bit until I healed. With a dad and a friend like that how could any part of this trip be a failure.
Walked to the pass with Twisted Sister. What a wonderful person. I continue to be so impressed with the quality of the people hiking the trail. And you don’t have to deal with all the society dos & don’ts in conversation. We just started right in talking about what was important to us as individuals, community & society.
One hiker hitched to Santiam and hiked back to McKenzie. BIG MISTAKE. Fire, smoke, fire, smoke and a cross country trek across a lava field to avoid the danger.
Speaking of the fire closure. I earlier complimented the Klamath National Forest on their excellent public communication and outreach regarding fires on their forest. I now want to criticize the Deschutes National Forest for a lack of effort regarding timely & specific information regarding fire closures. I can not express strongly enough the differences between the same agencies response to identical situations.
Lots of hikers in town trying to figure out options regarding the closures. Again the Deschutes NF was of no help. We saw: Dirty Bird, Numskull, Crazy Horse, Haiku, Tree Hugger, Token Civilian, Original Andy and others I do not know.
Unbelievable – when I saw Dirty Bird & Numskull the first thing they mentioned was that at 9 pm on Etna Summit a truck pulling a trailer pulled over and offered them a ride. You bet, it was Dick Shit and he told them how the first hiker he had ever picked up was go-BIG and now he picks them all up. I knew it – the honey dipper trail angel hauling shit and hikers to & from Etna.


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