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Destination: Trapper Creek Campground
Starting Location: Shelter Cove
Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 1913.30
Trapper Creek Campground – Zero

I got up early with the hikers who were heading to Canada. My leg is absolutely trashed and I hobbled to the outhouse. Not wanting to be there when they walked off, I said quick goodbyes & wished my friends luck on their journey. The scene was awkward until Thunder over dramatized the situation and we all laughed. I slowly walked over to the resort, ordered a latte, and called Lucky Liz. I thought I was okay but when I explained the situation I began to cry. I have worked so hard to get here. She was great as always and agreed to come pick me up, and take me to Sisters, Oregon in hopes I can walk again after 5 days rest. Called mom & dad as well and they were quick to point out that “we” will finish next year if need be. Mom had been real sick again due to dehydration after chemo but she is fighting hard & staying positive.
Bill and Karen, the Trapper Creek camp hosts, helped me move to a smaller spot, brought me a chair so I could elevate my leg, and told me to hobble over at 5 pm for a BBQ steak dinner.
Before dinner, Bill said grace and asked God for some help with healing my leg so I could continue my journey. I quietly said amen and did not feel awkward at all. I figured any potential help was certainly welcome.
New York steak, fried potatoes, corn on the cob, & salad were served to perfection & we enjoyed a nice evening. Karen commented that she knew I had to be totally bummed as my friends hiked on and she was glad they were able to fill in a small part of the void I must be feeling. Great people – thank you.
As I write this I reach over from the picnic table and pick perfectly ripe huckleberries by the handful. They are delicious and remind me that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.
My hike had turned into a journey where as my life would start over after Manning Park. It was as if I was on an ocean and if I did not get there (to shore) I would most certainly perish at sea. At some point today I realized I was still on land. Yes, I am bummed beyond compare. However sometimes in life it is how you deal with disappointment that really develops you as a person. My hike may be over for 2006 but I am not done with any aspect of my life, so I will move on. A friend used to tell me that “out of seemingly bad, always comes good – always”. This setback will be no different.
I know for sure that even if I get back on the trail this year I will not be able to keep pace with my friends. So I will not try because they would slow down and potentially jeopardize their hikes. And I would have to skip ahead to do so. I plan to go to McKenzie Pass with Liz, pick up the gang & go to Sisters. Then I will rest another day & evaluate. From Shelter Cove, Elk Lake Resort is 44 miles and I may try to do that section in say 3 days as a test to my legs ability to carry me & my ability to endure a bit of discomfort.
Bill is learning to play the fiddle and practices each evening. He is pretty rough but he plays away & watching his efforts reminds me that it is the trying that is important. At this point I have given it my best shot and I will continue to do so. I could sure use some good luck about now as well.



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