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PCTA in Ashland

Destination: Ashland
Starting Location: Grouse Gap
Today’s Miles: 10.70
Trip Miles: 1727.70
Grouse Gap Shelter (1715.9, 6630) to Ashland (1726.6, 4240) ascent (482) descent (3022)

Ian, the Northern California / Southern Oregon PCTA Regional Representative took a half day off work and really helped us out. Thai Food take out while we did laundry & showered, followed by chauffeur service to an outdoor store for shoes, and an early ride back to the trail in the morning. Thank you Ian.
Turns out David who we met last evening works at Dagoba Chocolate. This morning he told us to call him & he would hook us up with some chocolate. I had no idea. Dagoba is a fantastic (rated as some of the best in the world) organic chocolate and we had an impromptu sampling at their Ashland headquarters & David sent us on our way with some trail chocolate that should more appropriately be eaten after a fine meal. I take that back – the trail is the absolutely perfect place for exquisite chocolate.
Had to do a lot of planning, shopping & shipping here as Oregon is more difficult to resupply than California. Before we got everything done the UPS store & the post office had closed. Once again Ian came through & agreed to mail our stuff in the morning after he drops us off.
Have a new pain in my left foot. Odd pain on top of the foot. The pain does not respond to vitamin I & I am a bit worried. I think my miles are okay but the pace may be a bit fast for me. I plan to slow down & hopefully get some relief. It hurts like hell which in itself is okay. The problem is it could be a serious & worsening injury. Hope not.


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