Archive for August 30th, 2006

Destination: Timberline Lodge
Starting Location: Slope of Summit Butte
Today’s Miles: 31.20
Trip Miles: 2044.80
Slope of Summit Butte (2076.1, 4291) to Timberline Lodge (2107.3, 5940) ascent (4491) descent (2772)

I thought incorrectly, my shin is not cooperating and it was a tough afternoon both physically & emotionally. Every part of me feels good & I want to hike & yet my leg does not move . . . ugh!#!
Regardless, I made it to Timberline as the sun set over Mt Jefferson & the clouds lifted long enough to see Mt Hood whose beautiful slope I was walking on. The lodge is most impressive and has a timber frame construction that includes the largest timbers I have ever seen in use. The rock work is a masterpiece of masonry talent & the food was really good. We got a great little room with a bunk bed & a sink. The bath is down the hall. We just enjoyed a soak in the hot tub & are taking advantage of the complimentary laundry. I really like this place. Thunder, as usual in town, is on the internet down the hall.


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