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Destination: Sisters, OR
Starting Location: Sisters, OR
Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 1913.30
Sisters, Oregon – Zero

Thanks to Gottago & her contacts in Bend, Oregon I got a referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon. The Center for Orthopedic & Neurological Care & Research in Bend is impressive. Liz suggested that I have my brain checked while there but I stayed focused on my trashed shin. Got a same day appointment for 3 pm. Checked in at 2:50, called into appointment at 3:01, had x-ray at 3:10, consulted with the doctor at 3:15, walked outside by 3:25.
Dr. Tim Bollom was great. A sports medicine specialist and serious athlete he did not even blink when I told him I had walked 1900 miles had 750 to go and needed to get it done in around 40 days before the snow flew in the North Cascades. Prognosis: maybe. Without an MRI it is impossible to rule out a stress fracture but Tim was reasonably certain that the leg was not broken. More probable was that I have a severe soft tissue injury. Basically something got torn up internally – muscle, tendon, connecting tissue, nerves, blood vessels… But can I walk? “Maybe, I am going to give you a very strong anti-inflammatory that your stomach may or may not be able to handle. Rest a few more days, cross your fingers, & go really slow… especially on the down hills”. A maybe is good enough – I am thrilled.



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