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On my own

Destination: Sisters, OR
Starting Location: Sisters, OR Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 1913.30
Sisters, Oregon – Zero

Thunder is taking a few days off to see an old friend, I am resting per Tim’s direction & Sunny & Tadpole the Hippo are heading out. We drove them to Olallie Lake around the enforced fire closures. It is a 90 mile drive one way and may prove to be a tough hitchhike for other stranded hikers as it requires 5 road changes. The log book at Olallie shows Pang, Swiss Miss & Sugar got here as well and continue to head north. I am sad I did not see them as I wanted to tell them personally that I loved hiking with each of them but I would not likely catch them even if I am able to continue.
Coincidentally Liz’s long time friend Kathy from high school arrived in Sisters today with her husband Danny. After 25 years in Atlanta, Georgia retirement brought them west. We went to see their beautiful piece of property overlooking the famed Deschutes River. The property, like ours in Mt Shasta, will make incredible home sites. And yet I am conflicted – two people occupying several acres of land? Danny explained the odd lot configuration and I quickly realized that someone, not unlike my previous professional land use consultant self, had figured out a way to comply with agriculture zoning while allowing for large single family homes on multi acre lots. I offer no solution.
Dinner again at Jen’s Garden with equally spectacular results. Kathy & Danny insisted on hosting as “after all we live here now”. I was a bit distant all evening as I have been for several days. I am worried about my leg. I felt bad because Liz came all this way & I am focused almost exclusively on me.
Called my sister Sheri & she reported that she heard I would likely be home on Friday. I told her that like Samuel Clemens the reports of my death are highly exaggerated. Talked to my dad & he tried to convince me that finishing was not a big deal & that I could finish next year. I know he was trying to cheer me up but he & I both know that finishing is a big deal. Everyone is genuinely concerned about me going forward on this leg but I have to try. Not trying is the real failure. I keep thinking about the documentary film Touching the Void. My injury is a joke compared to the film’s climber who crawled for 5 days before reaching base camp after a nearly fatal fall and being left for dead. Nevertheless, if I can walk, even barely, I will also continue.


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