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Destination: Shelter Cove
Starting Location: Shelter Cove Resort
Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 1913.30
Shelter Cove – Zero

Sunny, Tadpole the hippo, & Rolling Thunder opted to take a day off as well in hopes my leg would miraculously heal. We stayed at the Trapper Creek federal campground adjacent to Shelter Cove Resort. Everyone slept a lot, organized gear, and called friends & loved ones. I was down most of the day as I came to realize I would not be able to push on tomorrow. I can barely walk without a pack and the pain is excruciating. The bruise option looks nearly impossible at this point.
Chris & Gina, section hikers from Australia who we have met several times before, joined us in the afternoon. Tracker also showed up after spending a few slower days hiking with his father. Gina described a remarkably similar injury she suffered last year after hiking all of California. Her diagnosis was unfortunately a stress fracture and the consensus is growing that my injury is likely as serious.
The people in the campground are wonderful & we easily secured a ride to Willamette Pass to pick up take out pizza. We had a bit of a party but it felt more like a wake to me.



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