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Destination: Summit Lake
Starting Location: Before Howlock Trail Today’s Miles: 30.50
Trip Miles: 1895.10
Howlock Trail (1863.5, 7057) to Summit Lake (1894.0, 5510) ascent (1859) descent (3110)

With my teeth clenched and breathing through my nose I limped the last eight miles into camp. Somehow a simple day went very bad. Coming down a hill around mile 20 I felt a slight pain in my right shin. It felt like a shin splint and I slowed down a bit. Two miles later I was limping and in a lot of pain. 800 mg of vitamin I took the sharpest edge off, but it hurt really bad and I winced on each step of the down hills. Have no idea what the problem is but it is not going away quickly, of that I am sure. Damn.


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