Archive for August 17th, 2006

Destination: Shelter Cove Resort
Starting Location: Summit Lake
Today’s Miles: 18.20
Trip Miles: 1913.30
Summit Lake (1894, 5510) to Shelter Cove Resort (1912.2, 5003) ascent (1998) descent (2762)

Toughest miles of the entire trip with 12 miles of down hill. My stubbornness was either an asset or a liability today. Yes I made it in – good. Yes I am now totally broken physically – I can not walk. My doctor who I talked with on the telephone has two possible diagnoses. One – a bruised shin resulting in a subsurface hematoma that is irritated by walking – painful, but not a huge deal. Two – stress fracture to the tibia or fibia that is causing a hematoma because of bleeding around the break. Big damn problem & potential deal breaker. Tomorrow I rest and maybe even pray a bit. Double damn.
Oh yea, the scenery was nice when I looked up.


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