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Destination: Crater Lake Trailhead
Starting Location: Water before Honeymoon
Today’s Miles: 22.40
Trip Miles: 1831.50
Water before Honeymoon Creek (1808, 6650) to Crater Lake Trailhead (1830.4, 6108) ascent (2425) descent (2838)

Wow. Barney & Sandy built up an incredible amount of good trail karma for their 2007 attempt. They thought of everything (extra clothes for while we showered, laundry soap, shampoo…) & then they treated us to a wonderful buffet dinner at the Mazama Restaurant. The food was excellent, the generosity incredible & the formation of new friendships was wonderful.
Lucked out & reached Liz who was supposed to be at the Outdoor Retailer show but cancelled as air travel was apparently a complete nightmare. As our feel good security confiscated water bottles. We had a lovely chat. I told her about our house plans and she was excited to see the drawings. She told me about taking some friends hiking along with their 7 & 10 year old daughters. Sounds like they had a magical trip & the 7 year old said that she loved the wilderness. The 10 year old said she wanted to spend the night next time. All right – let’s get the next generation out here; it is good for the people & the land and likely our only hope for a sustainable future.
Nice hiking today with Sandy & Barney who thought we waked a wee bit fast. They are both very interesting people who you just want to spend more time with. Barney is very active in scouting and I was so encouraged to hear how his local program does not promote discrimination as articulated by the national leadership. Hearing first hand accounts of Muslims & Jews participating in scouting together warmed my heart & I am grateful to men like Barney who are giving their time to promote such tolerance while drawing an appropriate boundary. Sandy is a high school biology teacher and I could not help but think “where was that passion & dedication at my high school?” Maybe it was there & I was blind. Regardless teachers like Sandy rock!
I am really enjoying hiking with Sunny, Tadpole the hippo & Thunder. We all get along swell & the decision making is super collaborative & flexible. I miss Pang, Swiss Miss & Sugar Daddy & should see them tomorrow.


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