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Destination: Sisters, OR
Starting Location: Trapper Creek Campground Today’s Miles: 0.00
Trip Miles: 1913.30
Sisters, Oregon – Zero

Karen gave me the ¼ mile ride from Trapper Creek Campground to Shelter Cove last night. Just as we pulled in Lucky Liz arrived an hour ahead of schedule. After introductions and thank yous, we decided to head up to Sisters. We checked into the Sister’s Motor Lodge based on a recommendation from Melouise & Laraine. What a great place – each room individually decorated, hammocks under a couple of enormous shade trees, and an owner (Mary) who clearly loves her establishment & her clients.
I am pretty bummed but Liz is remarkably supportive & keeps reminding me what I have accomplished versus what I have not finished. And with that theme we went to celebrate with a nice dinner out. I have had the good fortune to eat at some really terrific restaurants over the years including some of San Francisco’s, Salt Lake City’s, San Diego’s, and Washington DC’s…best. And Jen’s Garden in Sisters, Oregon is on par or better than all of them. Ala carte or a fixed menu, the selection was unique, diverse & incredible. I had the fixed 5 course meal and was happy to pay the $45. Over dinner my mood improved & Liz & I caught our lives up. Mine was pretty simple; been hiking, got hurt – bad. Hers was more complicated with news about the PCTA, family & friends.
Went to a log home company model house to check out ideas. We loved what we saw. This firm specializes in old style craftsmanship with fully scribed or chinked log homes. If we can afford it our home will be constructed in this manner & will be standing 100 years from now. That seems right to me – if you are going to use resources use them well and build to last. Forget short term cost benefits of our disposable society; over time the costs are going to far exceed the sustainable approach.
Drove up to McKenzie Pass to pick up Thunder, Sunny, and the Hippo and potentially hook up with Swiss Miss, Pang & Sugar Daddy. I tried walking down the trail a bit but gave up after 100 meters or so. We found Tracker who was waiting for his mom. Unfortunately the trail parking situation is confusing & his mom was also waiting but in a different spot. We got them in the same spot & witnessed a nice reunion. Picked up the gang and took them to Sisters where we all went to a really good dinner at The Gallery Restaurant.
What to do about the fires? No good reroute option, the trail is absolutely closed and, in fact, the trail is burning in the Puzzle Fire



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