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Destination: Grouse Gap
Starting Location: Lowden’s Cabin Site Today’s Miles: 33.40
Trip Miles: 1717.00
Lowden’s Cabin Site (1682.5, 600) to Grouse Gap (1715.9, 6630) ascent (5663) descent (5095)

Today I entered the Oregon Territories. And while my journey is insignificant compared to those who came before me 150 years ago I have touched their world. I have experienced hardship and joy while developing relationships with kindred spirits. As I crossed the Oregon / California border I was surprised to be overcome with emotion. I just hiked 1700 miles encompassing the entire length of California and this milestone was a powerful reminder of the trail and all it entails.
To set up for Ashland we continued on and arrived at the Grouse ridge hut to find it occupied by 4 locals who came up for the evening to enjoy the full moon in the company of friends. The fire pit was going, food was shared and we all enjoyed a wonderful evening. I headed for my tent at 10:30 but I think the party may go late into the evening. We have several invitations for Ashland thanks to our new friends. The trail breaks down all typical barriers.


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